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Hiring Children’s Rides

Children’s Rides For Hire

Toytown ride for hire, probably the most popular option for kids

There is a bewildering choice of children’s funfair rides available either for hire or to attend your event.  Many people contacting us ask for a large number of rides to attend an event were they expect perhaps 100 kids.

 Unfortunately this is not practical unless you are hiring the rides. For an operator  to travel to an event, erect and operate the rides and then dismantle them and return to base, we must cover our fuel costs, staff wages, wear and tear and insurance costs, and earn a profit.

If they cannot do this then the following year you would struggle to find rides for your event and it would benefit no one in the long run. 
To build up a successful event takes time, you are probably better erring on the side of caution and having one ride too few at your event rather than one too many.  This means the operator will have a successful day, and would probably ask to bring extra attractions the following year.  Of course if you are hiring the children’s rides then you can have as many as you want.

Funfair Rides For Hire

Childrens Rides For Hire

A range of rides including traditional Victorian style as well as the latest white knuckle thrill rides.

A more sedate range of rides suitable for a younger age group.

Misc. Fun For Hire

Funfair Catering Hire

Mobile Bars For Hire

Games suitable more for teambuilding events or parties.

Catering options ranging from single Victorian style carts to full catering units.

A fully featured bar service perfect for any event.

Childrens funfair ride hire is just as important to us as the full sized adult business.No family event is complete without rides for the children.

You have the choice of an enchanting range, with toytown and flying chairs being the most popular combination, although a mini train ride is always a safe bet. Operated to exactly the same safety standards as our full sized adult rides, you can be sure that you will receive a professional, and most importantly safe environment for you and your children to relax and enjoy themselves.

Imagine the look on their faces!”

Austin car ride for hire
One of a selection of traditional round stalls available for hire
Mini ferris wheel for the kids
Childrens train ride for hire, always a winner
teacups ride for hire
Mini Victorian carousel ride for hire, a smaller version of our traditional galloping horses
Sea storm ride for hire
Ladybirds, one for the really little kids
traditional ride for hire
Jumping jack, an aerial ride for children
flying chairs funfair ride for hire
A giant sied toytown ride for hire
A closer look at our mini carousel
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