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The hottest topic around these days is that of the environment and sustainability.  Global warming is a real threat, with the possibility of future generations suffering for our excesses.

In recognition of this serious situation, Corporate Funfairs are committed to becoming the most environmentally friendly funfair operator in the U.K.  We are currently at the stage of formulating our upcoming policies depending on what is available with current technology.  We have already identified a number of strategies that can be used to make our operations greener, and we are currently in the process of implementing these. Other methods we would like to use are still either prohibitively expensive or just not possible with the state of current technology. These we will monitor and implement as soon as they become realistically achievable. A full copy of our policy is supplied with the safety dossier presented to our clients at each event, along with our current action plan which explains in detail the active steps we are taking to implement the policy. In the meantime a summery of the policy and plan is listed here

1) Recycling     We have had a number of mobile waste recycling points constructed. We will use these at our events to enable members of the public to easily separate recyclable waste such as aluminium cans, and place them into the requisite waste bin. We are negotiating with a number of recyclers to take our waste such as cans, plastic bottles etc. Hopefully this will help to reduce the amount of landfill created by our events. We have installed a Swedish hot composting system that will reduce our organic food waste and biodegradable cups and bags down into compost. Each of our catering carts will have its own dedicated mini recycling bin to ensure that the waste it generates will be recycled from each event.

2) Biodegradability     Products such as cups for our coffee carts, or plastic bags for the candy floss carts have been replaced with biodegradable alternatives, whilst we prefer recycling, we realise that many people would leave the event with some of the potential waste and dispose of it themselves, by ensuring they take degradable candy floss bags, if it ends up in landfill it takes between 4 months and 4 years to degrade, compared to perhaps hundreds of years for some plastic items.

4) Energy Efficiency     We replace things like light bulbs on our attractions on an ongoing basis. We have committed to any replacements being more energy efficient than is currently the norm. We have already replaced things such as 500 Watt halogen bulbs with a mixture of 300 and 150 watt alternatives. We view this as a stop gap measure however,  as we are now in the process of switching to all LED lighting as cost effective alternatives become more readily available.

5) Cleaning Products     We have already replaced our hydrocarbon cleaning products (used for cleaning oil or diesel spills) with a totally environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable alternative that uses microbial action to break oil and fuel down into harmless water and sugar. Where it is possible to do so, we will replace other cleaning products with their biodegradable alternatives.

6) Waste Paper     Our office initially used around 25,000 sheets of A4 paper per annum. By replacing many of the documents we sent out with their PDF equivelents, we reduced this to under 2000.

At many of our events, we are using a standard advertising board that is undated, this allows its re use in subsequent years and again reduces the amount of paper potentially ending up in landfill.

7) Fairtrade    Although not strictly a sustainability issue, we have already switched our coffee carts and candy floss carts to Fairtrade only products. Other Fairtrade items will be sourced and used where they are a viable alternative.

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