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Hiring Funfair Attractions

Funfair Rides For Hire North East

Matterhorn, a high speed white knuckle ride for hire

The two most requested attractions throughout The North East,  by a large margin are the Victorian Carousel and the Dodgems (or bumper cars as they are sometimes known).  The Carousel is the most ornate ride available and for something like a wedding provides a fabulous photo opportunity, but the dodgems is just so much more fun and will have your guests riding it time and again.

In the thrill rides category, the Miami Trip tends to be favourite simply because its compact size and budget price mean it suits a great many venues with limited space.

However there are a great many other attractions that are worth considering, by contacting us with details of your event, age group attending, time of day etc you can have a tailored proposal that will ensure your event is one to remember.

We offer the best funfair hire service throughout the North East, including Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Darlington and the surrounding areas.

Funfair Rides For Hire

Childrens Rides For Hire

A range of rides including traditional Victorian style as well as the latest white knuckle thrill rides.

A more sedate range of rides suitable for a younger age group.

Funfair Catering Hire

Traditional Games For Hire

Catering options ranging from single Victorian style carts to full catering units.

A delightful range of games to keep your guests occupied

You have a the choice of a full range of funfair rides for hire for your North East event. These range from the traditional carousels and ferris wheels for hire, to the latest white knuckle thrill rides for hire, or a family ride such as the dodgems. Imagine the fun you can have at your event with our industry leading attractions..

When you hire rides from us they are supplied with;

contact us to hire funfair rides and attractions without  the stress and hassle you want to avoid.

The rides pictured here are only a small proportion of what is available. You can choose from an incredible range to complement your event.

Victorian Carousels for hire, when you need a touch of class
Mimai thrill ride for hire, a very popular option
ANother version of dodgems available for hire
Dodgems for hire, the most popular ride available today
Tagada, when you want something thats rough and tumble
Sizzler twist, high speed fun for all the family
Jumping frogs, an increasingly popular modern ride
Ferris wheel for hire, an enduring favourite
Meteorite for hire, defy the power of gravity
Roter for hire, another gravity defying ride
Closer image of one of the dodgems we have for hire
equinox for hire, one of a new breed of thrill rides

Click on the thumbnails with green borders for more details

Matterhorn Thrill



Jumping Frogs

Meteorite Ride




Rotor Ride

Dodgems Ride

Miami Trip Ride

Twist Ride

Dodgems Ride


Adult Rides

Children’s Rides

Funfair Games

Funfair Catering

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