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The Corporate Funfair Rides For Hire Essex Specialists

The County Of Essex

In pre-Roman Britain the territories of Suffolk and Essex were home to the Trinovantes tribe, which had grown wealthy through intensive trade with the Roman Empire, contemporary to the decline of Atlantic sea trade as roads and better in-land trade-routes were established in Romanized Gaul. Catuvellaunian and Trinovantian territory was the first to be annexed by the Roman Emperor Claudius in AD 43 when he began his invasion of Britain (Cunliffe, 2001). Colchester was the capital of the province of Britannia, but was attacked and destroyed during Boudica's rebellion in AD 61. Sometime after the destruction, London became the capital of the province of Britannia.

The East Saxon lands bordered those of the Angle peoples of East Anglia (the latter comprising Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire). The Kingdom of Essex was traditionally founded by Aescwine in 527 AD, occupying territory to the north of the River Thames, incorporating much of what would later become Middlesex and Hertfordshire, though its territory was later restricted to lands east of the River Lee.


Funfair  Hire Essex

Carousel Hire Essex

Hire Funfair Rides And Games For Fun Days Throughout Essex

Add some sparkle to your corporate funday or family event, make it the one everyone remembers with a range of fairground rides and games. Everything from a stick of candy floss to a complete funfair, with all the traditional favourites, dodgems, carousel, hook a duck, shooting galleries and much more You can also have the greenest funfair service in Essex. Use our form near the bottom of the page to receive a quote tailored to your requirements.

Corporate Funfair Hire Specialists

You can take away all the worry of corporate funfair hire by making use of our turnkey service, you can have your event planned, attractions supplied and operated and the site cleaned up after the event without needing to stress or worry as we specialise in this type of event.

Additionally you can have attractions ready for you to brand with your own corporate identity. This can range from our staff wearing your uniforms and dispensing branded prizes, to allowing you to add your logos and brand names to our attractions. We can make your corporate event one to remember. Our services are available throughout Essex as well as the rest of the UK.

Victorian Carousel For Hire In Essex

Wedding Entertainment And Catering In Essex

Our sister company Candy Floss Crazy will provide entertainment for your wedding or party. Children’s rides, traditional candy floss barrows or even dodgems. Add the finishing touches to your special day.

Funfair Consultancy Work

Our event planners can offer help and assistance with your event in the Essex region even if you don't hire all of your attractions from us. Let our experts guide you on the layout and range of attractions available. We can help you with the sourcing of rides for amusement parks, shopping malls, community events etc.

Shooting Gallery Hire Essex
Mini Carousel Hire Essex

Mini Carousel For Hire In Essex

Shooting Galleries For Hire In Essex

wild west themed shooting gallery for hire Essex

Themed Games For Hire In Essex

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